Parlour Projects

For the inaugural edition of TENT, Parlour Projects will be hosting Starkwhite, who will be presenting a new body of work by Fiona Pardington (Ngāi Tahu, Kati Mamoe and Ngāti Kahunganu, Clan Cameron of Erracht).

Pardington is celebrated for her representations of taonga, or cultural treasures. One of this country’s most acclaimed artists, her practice returns to the world objects and presences previously hidden away.

Located in Hastings’ art and cultural precinct, Parlour Projects exists to bring influential contemporary art to Te Mata-a-Māui Hawke’s Bay. Over the past five years the gallery has presented a range of dynamic exhibitions by emerging and established New Zealand artists. We are continuously seeking new ways to engage with our audience and contribute to the wider contemporary arts conversation in a meaningful way.

To read more about Starkwhite’s Live Exhibition for TENT, click here.


West Auckland Resource Centre

FINGER PRICKS & CURSES is an exhibition presented by Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland artist-run space, mothermother, as part of TENT at the West Auckland Resource Centre – a place where recycled fabric and materials can be donated to and accessed by the community.  The mothers will be completing (in all manner of gorgeous and subversive ways!) donated unfinished cross stitch works…

The mothers spent some time at the Resource centre recently and have selected a number of unfinished stitched works to start work on…

The West Auckland Resource Centre was initially set up in 1977 by an enthusiastic group of like-minded people concerned at the large amount of valuable materials being dumped when they could be recycled and used by community organisations to support the continuing education of children and adults. The Centre became a Charity in 2009 and has been housed in various buildings and survived the numerous shifts around the local area to its current site in Seabrook Avenue, New Lynn, Auckland. Our ultimate goal is to operate a reuse facility that will house bulk storage, sorting and distribution, a venue for educational workshops and an information exchange on the creative uses of reuseable materials. Auckland Council and West Auckland Resource Centre aim to work together to achieve a Zero Waste future for Auckland. The beneficiaries of the West Auckland Resource Centre Trust (WARC) are any individual or group involved in recycling, creative  or educational programmes.

Kelly Pretty, organiser of the exhibition along with Natalie Tozer, is a Trustee of the WARC and has been delivering art and sustainability education for over 20 years in New Zealand and the UK. The programme aims to engage and educate diverse communities and foster community participation through workshops and education, to contribute to Auckland Zero Waste 2040. Its focus is on raising awareness of the importance of Zero Waste and the impact that consumer choices make on the environment. Our endeavour is for participants to become champions of change through building the capacity for them to become new leaders by sharing their learnings with their whanau and communities to benefit individuals and groups in recycling, reuse, creative and educational programmes.

Image courtesy of Kelly Pretty
Image courtesy of Natalie Tozer

Naumi Studio Hotel Wellington

We’re delighted to announce that Naumi Studio Hotel Wellington has partnered with Scott Lawrie Gallery for this year’s TENT. The gallery will be showcasing a wide range of work by gallery artists (most made exclusively for the show) while celebrating Naumi Hotel’s love of art, culture, and individual expression.

It’s a seriously fun partnership that works well for Wellington’s local art audience, hotel guests and the artists – in spaces that are extraordinarily special (including the foyer, the bar area, and a whole VIP suite!). Even if COVID puts paid to these plans, both the gallery and Naumi Hotels have committed to making it happen when levels allow next year.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone involved in making this special TENT event happen.

Naumi Studio Hotel Wellington
213 Cuba Street
Te Aro
Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington


For TENT, Page Galleries is excited to be to presenting work from Ed Bats in conjunction with favourite local brand Kowtow, a conscious clothing label with a strong design philosophy.

This collaboration emerged out of an ongoing creative dialogue and exchange of ideas between the artist known as Ed Bats and Kowtow’s Head Designer Marilou Dadat. Bats has created a suite of site-specific works to be shown simultaneously across Kowtow’s Wellington and Auckland retail stores, with the artist responding to the particular architecture of each space. Entitled Shapes to sleep to, this project promises a dynamic and playful symbiosis of a shared passion for design and a sharp minimalist aesthetic, with a meditative contemplation of colour and form.

Ed Bats adopted a pseudonym during their days as a graffiti artist, covertly painting murals on streets around Aotearoa and across Europe. Consequently, Bats’ works are imbued with a certain architectural quality that is evident in both their physicality and construction. Bats combines hard-edged abstraction with a minimalist aesthetic to create works that push at the limits of composition and form. The artist’s careful and constant working and re-working is laid bare in every stroke of paint, each exacting line or gesture. Often entire paintings are virtually obliterated, their surface painted over leaving only glimpses of the anterior colour and form beneath; similar to a graffiti wall that has been repeatedly whitewashed. Some works present a meticulous layering of vertical forms that have the appearance of architectural planes or structures stacked one behind another, others are physically constructed from multiple canvasses, while larger works see great swathes of flat vivid colour immersing the viewer and lending them a heightened optical quality.

Many works are more akin to objects than paintings. In addition to constructed canvasses, the artist often incorporates second-hand furniture and household items into their practice – from window blinds to coffee tables – to create assemblages that oscillate between painting, sculpture, and installation. With a love of design and reviving vintage furniture, Bats revels in the process of making and constructing – from stretching their own canvases, to fabricating custom-made frames.

To read more about Page Galleries’ exhibition for TENT, click here.


Sutton Heritage House and Garden Charitable Trust

At the heart of the Sutton Heritage House and Garden Charitable Trust is the house, including a studio, built in 1962 for the renowned Canterbury artist and educator William Alexander Sutton–usually known as Bill Sutton (1917–2000).

Sutton’s house was designed by Tom Taylor, (1925–1995), a friend and teaching colleague and a sculptor; it is the only remaining Tom Taylor designed house in Christchurch which has retained its original design. Following the earthquakes of 2010/11, the Sutton House sits in the Red Zone, a large area of Christchurch which suffered severe damage both to land and buildings. Because of a unique set of circumstances, Sutton House is the only heritage residence in the whole of the Red Zone to survive.

Now owned by the city, the Trust leases the building from the council and administers the house, garden and surrounding park. Sutton House operates as an artist’s residence and studio in conjunction with Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetū and the Ilam School of Fine Arts, University of Canterbury. When not in use by visiting artists, it is open for public visits, community talks, seminars, workshops and art exhibitions.

For the inaugural edition of TENT, Sutton Heritage House is partnering with Te Whanganui-a-Tara based artist run initiative, play_station.


Img. 1: Sutton Heritage House and Garden, 2021. Photo: John Collie. Courtesy of Christchurch Art Gallery

Img. 2: Interior of the Sutton Heritage House, showing Sutton’s easel. Photo: John Collie. Courtesy of Christchurch Art Gallery


Hotel Montreal

Hotel Montreal was chosen as the location for Heather Straka’s Age of Discovery exhibition, presented by SCAPE Public Art as part of TENT, since the series that the photographs come from is called Isolation Hotel. The excellent working relationship with SCAPE and the owners of Hotel Montreal have enabled this to happen. Hotel Montreal is an independently owned Boutique Hotel, centrally located, across from beautiful Cranmer Square, and amongst many other charms allows for dogs.

To read more about SCAPE’s presentation of Heather Straka’s Age of Discovery exhibition click here.

Heather Straka, Cagna, 2021, framed photograph on archival pigment on Photorag Ultrasmooth paper, 1100 x 766 mm, Edition of 8, image courtesy of the artist and SCAPE Public Art

Yu Mei

Luxury leather goods label, Yu Mei, will be hosting Jhana Millers Gallery and the work of Elisabeth Pointon in the brand’s Newmarket Lounge retail concept space for TENT 2021.

Yu Mei and Jhana Millers Gallery are neighbours in their local Te Whanganui-a-Tara hometown, both occupying levels of the same historic Mibar building on Victoria St. Yu Mei’s Wellington Lounge often features works on loan from Jhana Millers Gallery, so hosting Jhana in the brand’s Newmarket Lounge felt like a natural extension of their friendship.

Yu Mei as a brand is concerned with supporting the visual arts and in particular, giving a platform to emerging, female and indigenous artists. Having partnered with Aotearoa Art Fair in 2021, Yu Mei exhibited a work by Ashleigh Taupaki (Ngāti Hako) in the Newmarket Lounge as part of Projects 2021. In its second Auckland location of Commercial Bay, Yu Mei joined forces with Nikau Hindin (TeRarawa, Ngāpuhi and NgaiTūpoto) in June 2021 to display Hindin’s works aspart of the Whānau Mārama exhibition there. Elsewhere in Yu Mei’s spaces, the emphasis on art is clear, with works on display by Gretchen Albrecht, Yona Lee and Tom Mackie.