West Auckland Resource Centre

FINGER PRICKS & CURSES is an exhibition presented by Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland artist-run space, mothermother, as part of TENT at the West Auckland Resource Centre – a place where recycled fabric and materials can be donated to and accessed by the community.  The mothers will be completing (in all manner of gorgeous and subversive ways!) donated unfinished cross stitch works…

The mothers spent some time at the Resource centre recently and have selected a number of unfinished stitched works to start work on…

The West Auckland Resource Centre was initially set up in 1977 by an enthusiastic group of like-minded people concerned at the large amount of valuable materials being dumped when they could be recycled and used by community organisations to support the continuing education of children and adults. The Centre became a Charity in 2009 and has been housed in various buildings and survived the numerous shifts around the local area to its current site in Seabrook Avenue, New Lynn, Auckland. Our ultimate goal is to operate a reuse facility that will house bulk storage, sorting and distribution, a venue for educational workshops and an information exchange on the creative uses of reuseable materials. Auckland Council and West Auckland Resource Centre aim to work together to achieve a Zero Waste future for Auckland. The beneficiaries of the West Auckland Resource Centre Trust (WARC) are any individual or group involved in recycling, creative  or educational programmes.

Kelly Pretty, organiser of the exhibition along with Natalie Tozer, is a Trustee of the WARC and has been delivering art and sustainability education for over 20 years in New Zealand and the UK. The programme aims to engage and educate diverse communities and foster community participation through workshops and education, to contribute to Auckland Zero Waste 2040. Its focus is on raising awareness of the importance of Zero Waste and the impact that consumer choices make on the environment. Our endeavour is for participants to become champions of change through building the capacity for them to become new leaders by sharing their learnings with their whanau and communities to benefit individuals and groups in recycling, reuse, creative and educational programmes.

Image courtesy of Kelly Pretty
Image courtesy of Natalie Tozer